Art in the House 2015 / 2016

Sponsored by the President's Council for State Universities in Michigan.

Emily McGowan, artwork entitled: "Landscapes"

These oil paintings and charcoal drawings document and preserve the physical and emotional quality of landscapes in anticipation of their impending degradation.

Nancy Huynh, artwork entitled: "Beau"

Impulsive drawings and an imperfect treatment towards my memory of putting my dog, Beau, down. Beau was a salvage from a meat market and lived for three years. Having lived and starved in a cage for so long, in his end he could not walk, eat or defecate on his own.

Drawing has allowed me to take my experiences, something noncommunicable and incomprehensible, and process what he meant to me. And what tragedy can be, even in its smallest and most helpless forms.

Katelyn Wollet, artwork entitled: "Presence"

"Presence" is a book of film photographs taken over the course of the last two semesters responding to surrounding and searching for what it means to be truly present. Ideally, it would be shown on a pedestal, with some wall space backing it so that prints could be hung.

Marco Lorenzetti, artwork entitled: "The Flames Which Pour From the Earth"

Surrounded by the premise of deciphering the "American Dream", The stage is set through an imagined context of a funeral procession.